Aboriginal Youth Mean Business!

Resource Details

Program or Service Métis Economic Development Fund Inc.

Organization MEDF (Metis Economic Development Fund)

Eligibility Details Financing available up to $500,000. Corporations funded under this program must:

- Be owned and controlled by individuals who reside in Manitoba with Metis ancestry proven through genealogy.

- Have an experienced, well-balanced management team.

- Submit a comprehensive business plan outlining the product and service offering, with a well-defined market with growth potential and a clearly defined exit strategy.

- Be economically viable and able to provide a positive return on investment to the Metis entrepreneur, communities and the Fund (non-profit businesses will not be considered). 
How To Apply  
Address 340-150 Henry Ave 
Contact Name Erica McDonald 
Toll Free 1-800-387-6004 
Phone (204)589-0772 Ext 278 
Fax (204)589-0791 
E-mail info@medf.ca
Website www.medf.ca
Additional Information

Key Industries: life sciences, information and communications technologies, energy and clean technologies, wholesale and distribution, advanced manufacturing, mining and natural resources, other as agreed to by MEDF.