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Social Media Advertising 101

-- Apr 17 2018 --

In this session, we will discuss advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. We will look at the different types and styles of ads you can run, targeting capabilities, and add buying techniques to help you get the most our of your hard earned advertising dollars.

NOTE: Please feel free to bring a snack or brown bag lunch to make the most of this session.

Attendee will learn the following:

1. The different types of advertising opportunities available on each platform
2. The targeting capabilities of each platform
3. Add buying techniques that help keep your cost per acquisition as low as possible

Passionate about small business, Aaron Newnham is Managing Partner for TMD Winnipeg, a marketing agency that has been designed specifically for small businesses, entrepreneurs and non profit organizations. Aaron's vision for TMD is to provide high quality advertising and marketing support to those who need it most at rates they can afford.

To register please contact us at 204.253.4888.

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